Courier & Marketing Solutions in One Place

Courier Solutions in EU
Best price
As a priority partner of DPD, Netpack sro is able to deliver packages on favorable terms in the EU.
Full logistics
On demand we perform the full logistics (store and pack the goods, dispatch the parcels and handle the returned goods)
Own Software
Our software provides real time data to our customers
- comprehensive financial statistics
- complete package history
- export opportunities
- API connectivity
- etc.

Guaranteed security
Our programming staff have more than 30 years of experience in developing cybersecurity solutions.
Marketing Solutions
We will find the marketing company that best suits you.
Many kinds of products
We work with a wide range of products
- cosmetics,
- teas,
- spices,
- nutritional supplements,
- etc.
Short test period
we do the tests in a few weeks or months and choose the most successful marketing company
Long term cooperation
We work together on demand not just for a single campaign, but for years

Just tell us in which country you want to sell
and we do everything else!

The Surprise

Revenue proportionate fees
You only have to pay us a fee for your realized revenue
Contact us and boost your business within a few months!